Why AS Invent?

We value our talent: Our competitive compensation and incentive schemes, meet the ever-changing and challenging needs of today's workforce.  Our employees are exposed to Regional and International trainings and exhibitions which enhance marketability and strengthening company’s credibility which resulted in our strong presence to whatever market situation GCC region has.

At AS Invent, you can expand your skills through opportunities to work across roles. You'll also experience evolution and innovation while building a better understanding of AS Invent's unique high-tech competencies and the markets we serve. And AS Invent puts professional growth in your own hands by providing the tools, resources and opportunities for you to mold your career path.

Reasons to join us
  • Competitive compensation with unlimited incentive schemes
  • Diversity; men, women, entry-level employees, experienced employees and people of all backgrounds.
  • Training – Professional development is a vital component demanded by employees
  • Been in the market for 10 years and continue expanding the array of our products and services
  • Result-driven company
Why AS Invent is so diverse?

Our capacity to sustain a topnotch culture begins and ends with a solid commitment to diversity. We are devoted to attract, develop and retain highly skilled individuals with a variety of viewpoints from all cultures. We know that valuing different perspectives while working together toward AS Invent's common goals leads to growth and innovation.

What is our objective?

Our objective is to aggressively invest and continuously anticipate and explore technologies that have emerged as strong trends.

We work to achieve total customer satisfaction through cost effective and innovative integrated information solutions and services, enabling our customers to make timely and informed decisions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Why we strive for excellence?

We look at everything we create or develop for our clients as a mission to excellence. We care about making a great first impression; yet we make sure that this impression last for as long as we are in business of excellence.

Since we have opened our doors to service our clients, we have the natural passion to always be ahead of the competitors by providing action based quality service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.






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We at ASINVENT hiring top-notch talent from the market, it is our workforce that lends us a superior advantage over our competitors

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Staying true to our values, we don’t just hire employees – we make an extended family!

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